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About Jessica Machado

Jessica Machado was born in Brazil and raised in New York. She joined our team at the young age of 19 as an extra hand helping out wherever needed, such as filing charts and serving drinks for patients. Her thirst for knowledge soon lead her to become a Dental Assistant and that’s when she found her passion for dentistry and wanted to do more in the field. While working full time as a Dental Assistant and Front Desk during the day, Jessica went to hygiene school at the New York City College of Technology at night. Within those years she managed to get promoted to Assistant Office Manager at JBL NYC. Talk about drive! After graduating¬†from Hygiene School, Jessica became a full time hygienist with us and is in charge of managing the hygiene team during our yearly GLO Good Foundation trips to the Bahamas. Her passion lies within healing patients with her hands and improving their oral health, creating relationships and the GLO Good Foundation.


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