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Dental Crown Replacement

Today, because of our new technology we can use minimally invasive dentistry techniques that removes as little tooth structure as possible. Our new materials of Emax and Zironium are thinner and stronger, with much less tooth reduction and more natural tooth forms.
At JBL NYC, we have five technicians that use a digital dentistry workflow – meaning we can use natural tooth form to create our restorations.

Our Process

With our new materials and our new digital dentistry workflow, we can scan, design and manufacture your new crowns in one day.  We call this One Day Restorations (ODR) and our team works together with our in house digital designers.

Due to the breakthrough of these new ceramic materials, Zirconium and EMAX, it is possible to duplicate nature in our restorations. These new restorations are bonded to the teeth with an incredible lifespan of 20+ years.

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Same Day Restoration Crowns
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