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Dental Crown Replacement in NYC

Restore the appearance of your teeth in just one visit.

Braces for Teeth NYC

Protect Your Damaged or Weakened Tooth

A dental crown is ideal for people with damaged or weakened teeth. The crown serves as a cap that protects the compromised tooth structure. It looks and functions just like a real tooth, so you can chew, speak, and smile properly.

Our dental crown procedure is minimally invasive; we remove as little tooth structure as possible. Then, we utilize new crown materials — like EMAX and Zirconium — which are thinner and stronger than conventional crowns. Using advanced digital dentistry, we follow your natural tooth form to create your dental crowns.

Our Process

At JBL NYC, you’ll experience our One-Day Restorations (ODR). Thanks to our digital dentistry workflow and an in-house laboratory, we scan, design, and manufacture your new crowns in just one day.

  1. Appointment – Get in touch with our team to book your appointment. We’ll answer your inquiries about the treatment, fees, and other concerns.
  2. Dental Crown Procedure – You’ll meet our cosmetic dentist, who will assess your damaged or weakened teeth.
    • Dental Cleaning. If you haven’t had a dental cleaning in the past three months, you’ll experience the JBL NYC hygiene appointment. All our procedures follow a healthy mouth baseline concept.
    • Scan Your Tooth – We’ll complete your treatment plan and use new digital dentistry imaging to capture the natural form of your tooth. Then, we’ll file down damaged parts, careful to remove as little structure as possible.
    • Manufacture Your Crown – Following the digital scans, we duplicate the form of your tooth using Zirconium and EMAX.
    • Proceed with Dental Crown Procedure – Our dentist will bond your dental crown to your tooth. Your dental crown has an incredible lifespan of 20+ years.
  3. Continuous Care Program – We’ll orient you about our Continuous Care Program to keep you at the peak of oral health.
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Oral Scanner NYC
Same Day Restoration Crowns
Post COVID-19 Dental Practices

Choose New York’s Trusted Cosmetic Dentists

One-Day Restoration

Other dental crown procedures take multiple visits, but at JBL NYC, we can accomplish the entire treatment plan in one appointment. We have an in-house Dental Lab manned by five capable technicians. As soon as we conduct the assessment, we create your dental crowns. When they’re done, we bond them to the compromised tooth structure.

Next-Level Safety Protocols

The American Dental Association has released safety protocols to protect dental patients. JBL NYC goes above and beyond these guidelines to create the safest dental facility possible for our patients. We took infection control to a new level because hygiene and safety are our priorities.

All-Around Oral Health

No need to see multiple facilities across NYC — meet all your cosmetic dental needs at JBL NYC. Our practice focuses on orthodontics, periodontal diseases, dental veneers, crowns, and more. We also offer facial aesthetic treatments, such as Botox and fillers.

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