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Dental Bridges in NYC

Complete your smile and restore the function of your teeth.

dental bridge in nyc | JBL New York City

Close the Gaps in Your Pearly Whites

Our cosmetic dentists use dental bridges to replace a missing tooth. A dental bridge consists of dental crowns on both ends with a pontic (false tooth) in the middle.  Our dentist anchors the crowns onto the natural teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. The pontic closes the gap, and you’ll enjoy a complete set of pearly whites.

Not only will you smile with confidence, but you’ll also chew, speak, and even sing properly

Dental Bridges Go Beyond Aesthetics

By closing the gap, dental bridges:

  • Reduce the risk of gum diseases
  • Let you enjoy your favorite food
  • Prevent the remaining teeth from moving out of their positions

Our dental bridge procedures are ideal for people who have lost up to three adjacent teeth and have healthy gums. Our dentists in New York City will assess if you’re a good candidate for dental bridges.

Our Process

  1. Schedule Your Appointment – Get in touch with our team to make a dental bridge appointment at our Upper East Side practice.
  2. Visit Us for Your Dental Bridge Consultation – During the consultation, our cosmetic dentist will determine if dental bridges are the right treatment for your case.
    • Cleaning. If you haven’t had a cleaning in the past three months, you’ll experience the JBL NYC hygiene appointment. All our procedures follow a healthy mouth baseline concept.
    • Dental Bridge Manufacturing. Our dentist will prepare your teeth to accommodate the dental bridge. We’ll then scan your teeth and have the dental bridge manufactured. We’ll affix a temporary bridge in the area to protect it while we create your dental bridge.
    • Dental Bridge Procedure. Once your dental bridge is manufactured, we’ll affix it to your teeth.
  3. Continuous Care Program – Once the treatment is finished, we’ll orient you on our Continuous Care Program to improve oral health, prolong the life of your dental bridge, and ensure no other teeth will be lost.
teeth replacement in nyc | JBL New York City
dental bridge in nyc | JBL New York City

Choose New York’s Trusted Cosmetic Dentists

Leveraging Advanced Digital Dentistry

JBL NYC uses various digital applications to carry out your dental bridge treatment. Our technicians use 3D scanning to create crowns and pontics that look exactly like natural teeth. We also use high-grade, new materials for a longer bridge life and increased comfort.

An Excellent Patient Experience

We take your safety seriously, so JBL NYC goes above and beyond the safety protocols set by the American Dental Association. Our practice takes infection control to a new level to create the safest haven possible for our team and patients.

All-Around Oral Health

Apart from dental bridges, JBL NYC provides treatments for problems related to orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, restorative dentistry, and facial aesthetics. We have a team of highly trained practitioners focusing on various specialties.

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