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Oral Wellness

A beautiful, healthy, while smile has the power to change your life and make you light up – inside and out!

JBL New York City Brushing and Flossing

We are proud to offer our patients the very best and complete Oral Wellness Experience.  We do not call our appointments “dental cleanings” as that is not what this visit is limited to.

Our Oral Wellness Experience includes:

– Full mouth assessment: Periodontal screening,TMJ assessment, Hard & Soft tissue examination, Intraoral photos and Scans 

– Oral Cancer screening: Intraoral and Extra Oral exam using Velscope

– Lowest radiation digital imaging 

– pH Testing 

– Periodontal Prevention and Therapy 

– Plaque Control

– CariVu- transillumination technology to detect decay 

– Caries Prevention: Eco Balance, Topical Fluoride Application, and MI Paste 

– Sealants 

– Demonstration of oral hygiene home care 

– Teeth Whitening with GLO system for sensitive teeth 

– Scan for clear aligners 

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