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Dental Fillings in NYC

Keeping your restorations conservative

Restore your tooth’s function and keep cavities at bay.

JBL NYC uses composite resin to fill in the cavities in your tooth. Our dentists will precisely clean away the decay in the tooth and fill in the hole with a composite resin that matches the color of natural teeth. Our composite resin fillings last up to 15 years — even longer if you have excellent oral hygiene.

This procedure is quick and comfortable. A small cavity could be filled in less than 20 minutes.

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Fillings vs. Inlays/Onlays: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between fillings and inlays/onlays is the extent of damage they repair.

Dental fillings fill in a small cavity in the tooth using layers of composite resin, and this is done in a single visit. In some cases, however, the damage on the tooth may be too large for a dental filling.

Our dentists use an inlay or onlay instead. A dental inlay or onlay is manufactured in the shape and size of the cavity space.

Our dentists will determine the right treatment for you.

Our Process

  1. Schedule an Appointment – Get in touch with our dentists to make an appointment.
  2. Visit for the Dental Filling – When you visit our NYC practice, our dentist will assess the damage to your tooth.
    • Cleaning. If you haven’t had a cleaning in the last three months, you’ll experience the JBL NYC hygiene appointment.
    • Dental Filling. The dentist will then fill in your cavity with a paste-form of the composite resin.
    • Curing. The dentist will cure the resin using UV light. This process is known as photo-polymerization; it’s safe, fast, and effective.
  3. Learn about Our Continuous Care Program – To keep you at the peak of oral health, we’ll orient you on our Continuous Care Program.

Choose New York City’s Trusted Dentists

Creating a Safe Haven for Patients

JBL NYC goes above and beyond the safety guidelines set by the American Dental Association, taking infection control to the next level. By reconfiguring our NYC practice, we create the best haven possible for our patients and our team.

Where Technology and Art Intersect

To create gorgeous smiles, we use advanced digital dentistry. For instance, we use the Smile Design 3D to plan a smile that best matches your facial characteristics. Dental fillings don’t involve much technology, but we still use the highest-quality resins for our patients.

Committed to Patient Care

JBL NYC is proud to have highly experienced dental practitioners on our team. Not only are they capable, but they are also committed to patient care of the highest level. We’ll explain the entire procedure and make sure you’re comfortable on the dental chair.

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