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Porcelain Veneers

Embrace the art of the smile with porcelain veneers at JBL New York City.

Great Again

"I had no idea I would look younger, its great”


Happy Again

"I am a model so the way I look is very important. After my veneers I even got a toothpaste commercial! I am obsessed with my smile!”


Feeling Better

"Before smiling was always un-natural to me. Now, I feel better and so relaxed when I smile."


New Smile

"I had always hated everything about my smile, but I had no idea how life changing this transformation would be. I am so happy with my new smile. I never imagined it would look so natural and so beautiful.”


You want the best

“When you do something on your face and as impacting as your smile, you want the best. I am confident I choose the best. Dr. Levine was amazing with me throughout this whole process. I love my smile.”


Dr. Jonathan B. Levine was one of the pioneers of porcelain veneers in 1982

The use of ceramic veneers is well established and does not require any previous treatment or preparation of the teeth. Our team uses digital technology that enables us to apply veneers in a non-invasive and comfortable manner. This method is ideal for treating dark or stained teeth, irregular forms, jagged edges and openings between individual teeth, as well as badly positioned teeth that are improved not only from an aesthetic but also a practical point of view.

Our Process

Ceramic veneers are completed within three consultations:

First consultation: The process begins with digital imaging and video analysis, during which we analyze your smile and facial characteristics. A 3D scanner is also employed to design a new smile in harmony with your face.

Second consultation: After a detailed analysis of your smile, gums and facial features, you get to see a digital representation of your new look. If you like, we can also include anti-aging and facial aesthetics treatments to further enhance the impact, and upon final approval we will begin with the treatment itself – working on any teeth that need remodeling.

Third consultation: The ceramic veneers are applied to the teeth with ease and comfort, so seamlessly that they look and feel like an indistinguishable part of your original smile.

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Ceramic Veneers in New York City
NYC Ceramic Veneers
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Ceramic Veneers NYC

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