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Periodontics in New York

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No smile is exactly the same, and yet every beautiful smile shares two defining characteristics: a set of straight, gleaming teeth paired with pink, healthy gums. Not only do gums highlight those pearly whites, but since teeth are embedded in bone, gums serve to cover the bone and act as a seal around the teeth, which keeps your teeth in line while dually serving as a shock absorber against chewing forces.  

But sometimes, your gums could use a little extra help to become as healthy as they should be. When this happens, you’ll want to reach out to a periodontist – a dentist who specializes in gum health – and if you find yourself in need of periodontics near NYC, look no further than our leading team of dental experts at JBL New York City. Reach out to us online to make an appointment, or continue reading to learn more about periodontics and periodontal treatment.   

What is a periodontist?

A periodontist’s main focus is on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ailments and diseases directly affecting the gums. They have the ability to recognize gum inflammation at its earliest stages and treat gum diseases before they get too out of hand.

At times, a patient may have severe gum disease, which is referred to as periodontitis. When this occurs, a periodontist will discuss the treatment options, such as an antibiotic, and often must perform periodontal surgery to salvage the patient’s natural teeth and restore their gums to a healthy state.  

As gum disease remains the leading cause of tooth loss, a primary goal of a periodontist is to educate their patients on how to maintain disease-free, healthy gums. However, even more than assisting with good oral health, periodontics also includes modifying the outward appearance. Periodontists are often referred to as the “plastic surgeons of dentistry,” mainly due to the fact that, similar to a conventional plastic surgeon, a periodontist can remodel the soft tissue of the mouth in a variety of ways, such as using lasers or certain grafting techniques to restore and enhance the features of a smile. Further, when a tooth is unable to be saved, a periodontist can replace the tooth with a dental implant in the jaw, and can even go so far as to reshape the jawbone itself.


Contact the best periodontist in NYC

The options are limitless at JBL New York City. For the best periodontics and periodontal treatment in NYC, contact Dr. Jonathan Levine and the JBL team today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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