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Periodontics in New York

Keep your gums in the pink of health.

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No smile is complete without pink, healthy gums. Not only do they provide contrast to your pearly whites, but they also serve an important function: the gums cover the bone and act as a seal around the teeth. They absorb the shock from chewing forces and keep your teeth in line.

Caring for your gums, therefore, is an important aspect of oral health. Our periodontists in New York City will prevent, diagnose, and treat the diseases that affect your gums.

Prevent and Treat Periodontal Diseases

Our New York periodontists focus on different types of periodontal diseases, including:

  • Gingivitis – An inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria or a build-up of plaque. It’s a mild form of periodontal disease, but it causes discomfort, redness, and swelling.
  • Periodontitis – A severe gum disease that damages the soft tissues and could lead to tooth loss. In some cases, the treatment requires periodontal surgery to save the patient’s teeth and restore the gum to a healthy state.

Improve the Appearance of Your Gums

Periodontics also includes modifying the appearance of the gums for a better-looking smile. In fact, periodontists are called the “Plastic Surgeons of Dentistry” because they can remodel the soft tissue to enhance your features. Periodontists use various methods, such as lasers and grafting techniques.

If you think the appearance of your gums needs improvement, discuss your vision with our periodontists.

Our Process

  1. Make an Appointment – Schedule your consultation with our periodontists. Our team will answer your initial inquiries about our treatments.
  2. Visit Our NY Practice – You’ll be escorted to your periodontist for the initial consultation. If you have had a cleaning in the last three months, our team will escort you directly to the treatment room. If you haven’t, you’ll experience a JBL hygiene appointment before the consultation. Then, your periodontist will complete the diagnosis and generate a treatment plan.
  3. Enter Our Continuous Care Program – Once the treatment plan is completed, we’ll orient you on our Continuous Care Program to keep your gums healthy.


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    Choose the Trusted Periodontists of New York

    Serious Safety Protocols

    JBL NYC takes safety and hygiene seriously, which is why we go above and beyond the safety protocols set by the American Dental Association to ensure that our facility is a haven for our patients. We elevated our infection control measures to protect you and our dental team.

    Combining Technology and the Art of the Smile

    JBL NYC integrates cutting-edge technology into creating gorgeous smiles. As one of the most trusted periodontists in New York City, we utilize advanced digital dentistry — including Digital Smile Design 3D Imaging — to plan and execute stunning results.

    All-Around Oral Health

    Apart from periodontics, JBL NYC addresses other dental concerns, including orthodontics, dental implants, and porcelain veneers. We also deliver cosmetic procedures, like Botox and fillers. You don’t have to see multiple specialists — you address all your needs at our Upper East Side practice.

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