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Why Do We Need To Be Aware Of Our Oral Health?


Put simply, being aware of our oral health enables us to minimize the hours we spend in a dental office—which comes as welcome news to most people. You see, when we concentrate on prevention, or even better, the overall wellness aspect of dentistry, needing to be numbed and drilled can become a thing of the past. So, what do we mean by oral wellness? Let’s begin with the basics.

We have a microbiome in our mouth, which is governed by similar rules as our gut microbiome. There are good and bad bacteria present in both that need to be balanced or we risk becoming unwell.  The food and beverages we put in our mouth, how well we clean the plaque off our teeth daily, and how we sleep and breathe all impact the health of our mouth and, by extension, our overall health.

We now know that inflammation in the mouth causes inflammation in other areas of our body, leading to conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s just to name a few.  Furthermore, we all now know that these comorbidities increase our likelihood to have a severe immune response to Covid-19 and end up in the hospital from a viral infection. What can we do about this?

Well, to start, see our dental professional team, which can educate you and help you improve the health of your mouth with a great cleaning and “smart diagnostics.” The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends these hygiene visits twice a year and three or four times a year for people who have had extensive dentistry.

In our office, we have established a “healthy mouth baseline,” which entails looking at all the important things for oral health. We go through this checklist every time you come in to visit us.



Today, we know so much more thanks to our new diagnostic tools, such as the I-Cat CBCT machine, which has very low exposure to radiation and yields an incredible amount of information about the health of the mouth and the airway and joints. We now also use pH of the mouth as an indicator of health along with an AI tool to read x-rays. We think you’ll feel very safe and secure when you come in and see all the new tools we have at our disposal.
We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful healthy smile. For this reason, we have some exciting news! JBL After Hours is back! Special pricing for our young professionals only, on cleaning, whitening and aligners. 6pm-9pm on Thursdays night…The the lights go down, the music goes up. All profit’s will be going to the Glo Good Foundation, providing oral care to those without access. 


Access to care is so important.
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