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What Other Surgeries Can an Endodontist Perform?

Endodontists in NYC work hard to preserve your natural smile!

Endodontists in nyc

While endodontists are known as specialists in root canal therapy, they actually specialize in saving teeth by working with the inside of the tooth. Endodontists in NYC can do a variety of surgeries to save your natural tooth. One of these surgeries is called an apicoectomy.

An apicoectomy is needed when conventional root canal treatment cannot treat the abscess. During this surgical procedure, the very tip of the tooth’s root is removed. Your endodontist will retract the gum tissue near the tooth to see the bone beneath, and remove any inflamed or infected tissue.

The end of the root that has been removed is filled to seal off the end of the canal and then the gum is sutured back into place. Over the course of a few months, the bone will heal around the end of the root.

Your endodontist will explain all possible treatment plans and complications when discussing your first root canal treatment. But, on the small chance that your root canal is unsuccessful, you don’t need to have your tooth extracted, you can instead visit an endodontist who can solve your problem.

Other endodontist-performed surgeries include dividing a tooth in half, repairing an injured root, and even removing roots. Visit an endodontist in NYC to have these procedures done, since they specialize in saving teeth.

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