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Pathway Oral Health Accelerator
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Launch Event!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The 40/40 Club, 6 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010


Why Pathway?

Pathway: Oral Health Accelerator was launched to offer entrepreneurs in the oral health space access to our expert Mentors and bridge the gap from ideation to commercialization. Our Mentors include industry leaders, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

What We Do 

Pathway Mentors & Start-Ups

Pathway‘s Mentors support start-ups that focus on innovative business ideas to improve oral health technologies, care delivery, or access to care. Their expert guidance from early concept/prototype, to pitching potential funders, is instrumental to bridge the key gap in a start-up’s “pathway” to success. 

Pathway Mentors offer support in the following areas:

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Research into the industry and market fit

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Strategy and business development

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Marketing & Communications

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Manufacturing and

supply chain

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Industry experts

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Potential for a distribution agreement

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Capital raising

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Legal & Regulatory guidance

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Strategic Partnerships

& Capital

Meet our Mentors

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Jonathan Levine

Founder/ Chairman GLOScience,

Founder JBL New York City,

Co-Founder GLO Good Foundation

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David Kochman

VP, Corporate Affairs,

Henry Schein

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Christian Coachman

Founder & Chairman, Digital Smile Design

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Terri Dolan

VP & Chief Clinical Officer, Dentsply Sirona

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Scott Freishtat

Partner, Ashlar Capital

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Katie Kiernan

Founder, Investor, Advisor, Revelis Capital Group + Beyond SKU

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Jane Levy

Advisor, Henry Schein, Lightning Network participant and Investor

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Jeremy Krell

Dental Director, quip

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Rebecca Love

Co-Founder, HireNurses

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Miguel Stanley

Founder & Clinical Director, While Clinic

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Deepak Madnani

Founder/CEO, Solar Exports + Paperclip Entrepreneur Campus

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Alyse Mongalo

Founder/President, Dental Innovators, Creators & Entrepreneurs (DICE),

D4 at Penn Dental Medicine

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Laurence Du-Thumm

Director, External Technology Innovation, Strategic Innovation and Technology Alliances,

Colgate-Palmolive Company

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Sree Koka

Koka Dental Clinic, Vice President of Int’l College of Prosthodontists, Member, MIT Sloan School of Mgmt. Alumni Board 

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Kevin Woods

Founder, Tiger Shark Ventures and Scope Jockey Analytics

Pathway looks at a variety of criteria when selecting our startups to support, including:

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Potential impact

market size, professional need

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Ease of commercialization

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you invest in people

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Ability to give back

sustainable funding model

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RSVP today to the Pathway Oral Health Accelerator Launch Event at the 40/40 Club in NYC!

Be part of the action as our Expert Mentor Teams battle it out to lead their favorite Oral Health Startups on the Pathway to Success.

Tuesday, December 3

The 40/40 Club, 6 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010


6:30PM – Doors Open – Eat, Drink & Network

7:15PM – Start-Ups Present

8:15PM – Mentors Battle

8:45PM – Final Results

9:00PM – Launch ends, but stay & celebrate

Space is limited! RSVP today! 

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