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Covid-19 Update March 2021


Hello, JBL family and friends.

Spring — and the end of our Groundhog Day existence — is almost in sight. And just as we’re apt to experience another cold snap or two, we’ll likely hit some setbacks on the road to herd immunity from Covid-19. One of the biggest stumbling blocks may be people’s understanding of the Covid-19 vaccine. I have received so many questions about what type of protection the vaccine provides, and heard so much misinformation, that I thought it was time to set the record straight.
Did you know that 44-percent of the population is still hesitant about getting inoculated against Covid-19? That means that one out of two of you may be on the fence. Regardless of whether you’re rolling up your sleeve as you read, or still adopting a “wait and see” attitude, I urge you to read this terrific article by Gabrielle Redford from the AAMC (American Academy of Medical Colleges), which clarifies the confusion surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine. Then go do the right thing. Don’t we all want to hug our loved ones sooner?

Speaking of getting back to normalcy, people are increasingly coming out of lockdown, and we want to make sure we can accommodate all of our patients. So, we have extended our hours from 8 am to 7 pm twice a week. That said, if you need a hygiene appointment earlier or later, just let us know.

We are happy to announce that our whole team at J B L has been vaccinated — adding another layer of safety for everyone. Be safe and be well!

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